Boston Marathon Bombing: Participatory Models through Technology

One would think I have very little time to watch online videos, given the current need to complete my dissertation. I needed some background noise at work, so I tuned into NOVA on PBS. There is a story about the police work that led to identification of the bombing suspects. The use of video cameras is the point of my blog entry.

The article reviews New York’s sophisticated video camera system. The system makes use of cameras owned and operated by the NYPD. But more interesting, the system also utilizes private owned cameras, mostly business cameras. Please take some time to check to look at the video. We often talk about different forms of partnerships with the general public, but to my knowledge, there is limited research on the benefits of sharing technological resources and content to carry out a public service.

Obviously, I don’t have too much time to explore the details of this phenomenon, much less research on the topic. However, it introduces an interesting point about the use of technology through participatory models to carry out a public service.

Watch Manhunt—Boston Bombers on PBS. See more from NOVA.


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