This site is a shared knowledge repository for PhD students in Public Administration in the College of Public Service and Urban Affairs at Tennessee State University.

Given that the majority of students in this program are pursuing their studies part-time while working, it can be a challenge to make tacit knowledge explicit in a way that benefits the collective of current and future students.  New students may have little opportunity to interact with ABD students in person, for example.  So this is meant to be a resource for us to record and update relevant information for the group. Faculty also have access to the site so that they too can contribute information.

You are encouraged to contribute your own knowledge to the repository. It is now (as of 5/23/2013) a PUBLIC site so anything written here is visible on the web to anyone.  Therefore, do not write anything here or on the underlying Google Docs that you wouldn’t want to be public for eternity (always a good idea when you are on the internet).

The goal we should all keep in mind is that this repository become as information-intensive and efficient as possible: time is short, so let’s maximize the signal-to-noise ratio.

Questions or ideas for additional features for the site?  Contact Dr. Streams.


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